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Is this how your Korean learning make you feel?

You want to learn Korean but do not want to spend a fortune to take a classroom course. You know there are a lot of resources on the internet but am not sure how to start or plan your self study journey.

You are an Intermediate student but feel that you are not making progress anymore. It seems that no matter how many words and grammar you crammed into your head, you still can’t speak or understand Korean well enough.

You started learning Korean to better enjoy the shows you love and understand what your idol says. However you start to lose interest after a period of vocabulary and grammar cramming. It kills the fun.

Introducing Miss Elly Korean Self Study Guide

Here you will find all the strategies that you need to master your own Korean learning journey

I have self studied all my way from absolute beginner to advanced level, taking in total two years to pass level 6 in TOPIK II - no face to face or classroom course taken, have not stayed in Korea, no close Korean friend to help me - 100% on my own.

I have been there myself and know how lost it can feel self studying without a structured program and directions of what to do at each stage. After going through this journey myself with trial and error, I want to share with other people who are also self studying Korean the most effective, time and money saving and above all, fun way to go about it.

What is more is that I have saved tons of money from not taking a traditional classroom course! Where I live I would need to pay in total around USD10,000 to take all the course needed to pass TOPIK II level 6 in one language learning center!

In contrast, the total money I spent on study resources was...

Less than USD500.

That is ALL the way from beginner to advanced in two years.

What is in this guide?

In this guide, I will not be doing much actual Korean teaching, but I will hold your hand through this journey, directing you to the right resource in each phase of Korean learning in a structured program. This guide is packed with exclusive practical tips on the learning process (some of them not found anywhere on the internet!), address particular pain points, and also tips on taking the TOPIK exam.

What are the benefits?

By skipping traditional classroom learning and textbooks, you can avoid spending excessive amount of time learning to talk about the weather and other irrelevant things, or learning obscure grammar that no one really uses. You have the flexibility to choose the exact materials which you find interesting to support your learning.

Structured yet flexible and fun!

While having the freedom and flexibility, this guide provides a structure and roadmap to the process, such that you will not get bored or frustrated at too challenging materials at a beginner stage, and you will not feel helpless if you hit the intermediate plateau which many learners face. The structure will ensure your learning is the most effective for the effort you put in.

The Korean alphabet 한글

Duration: 1 month

  • Guide content includes:
  • - Recommend resources to learn the alphabets
  • - Good tips on memorising the alphabets
  • - *Exclusive* Korean alphabet writing practice worksheet

Result: Able to pronounce Korean words

Learn more

Beginner grammar

(TOPIK I level 1 & 2)

Duration: 6 months

  • Guide content includes:
  • - Recommendation of course materials
  • - Recommendation of supplementary study materials and tools
  • - *Exclusive* 10+ Worksheets on beginner grammar concepts
  • *Exclusive* 5+ Reading practices for beginners with English translation and key grammar / vocabulary highlights

  • Result: Pass TOPIK I level 2

Intermediate grammar

(TOPIK II level 3 & 4)

Duration: 6 months or more

  • Guide content includes:
  • - *Exclusive* Strategy and practical steps in improving each of the following areas: grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening at intermediate level

Result: Able to have basic conversations in Korean and read children’s books


Advanced grammar

(TOPIK II level 5 & 6)

Duration: 1 year or more

  • Guide content includes:
  • - *Exclusive* Strategy and practical steps in improving each of the following areas: grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening at advanced level

Result: pass TOPIK II level 6
Able to navigate any Korean websites
Read books written for native Koreans
Understand 70% of Korean drama and variety shows

Bonus content!

  • - Tips and advice to make your learning process more effective
  • - Explanations to selected difficult grammar concepts
  • - *Exclusive* Practical TOPIK II exam strategy and tips to pass level 6
  • - Ongoing updates and new posts! Stay tuned!

What is the difference between Miss Elly Korean Self Study Guide and the other popular online Korean courses?

Miss Elly Korean Self Study Guide complements most other online courses.

Traditional Korean classroom courses and most online courses teacher you grammar and vocabulary only. They will tell you that following their curriculum alone will take you to fluency. This is hardly the case. To reach fluency you will need an abundant amount of other supplementary resources that no one website or one set of textbook can provide you.

Through trial and error I have devised my own methodology of learning Korean. I realised that with the right strategy, integrating what I learnt from grammar lessons became a piece of cake.

Traditional classroom courses and most online courses give you a fish; Miss Elly Self Study Korean Guide teaches you how to fish.

Learning Korean does not stop where the course material ends, it only starts from there.

Miss Elly Korean Self Study Guide

One-stop shop step-by-step tested and proven study strategies, hacks and tools for each level to improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Many you cannot find elsewhere on the internet:
- Beginner (USD 29 value)
- Intermediate (USD 39 value)
- Advanced (USD 49 value)

Bonus content:
- 10+ Beginner grammar practice worksheets (USD 29 value)
- 5+ Reading practices for beginners with English translation and key grammar / vocabulary highlights (USD 29 value)
- Explanations to selected difficult grammar concepts (USD 29 value)
- TOPIK II Level 6 tested and proven killer strategies (USD 49 value)

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