In this site you will find all the strategies that you need to master your own Korean learning journey

I have self studied all my way from absolute beginner to advanced level, taking in total two years to pass level 6 in TOPIK II – no face to face or classroom course taken, have not stayed in Korea, no close Korean friend to help me – 100% on my own.

I have been there myself and know how lost it can feel self studying without a structured program and directions of what to do at each stage.After going through this journey myself with trial and error, I want to share with other people who are also self studying Korean the most effective, time and money saving and above all, fun way to go about it.

Before you learn Korean

Self Study vs Classroom Learning

Self Study vs Classroom Learning

There are decent Korean language courses where I live. Why did I decide to self study Korean? Pros: Saves money - A decent beginner course costs around USD1,200 Saves time…
How difficult is learning Korean?

How difficult is learning Korean?

How long does it take to learn Korean? How difficult is it? I have a full-time job and I self-study Korean in my spare time. On this schedule it is…

Learning Resources by Level


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