Duration: 6 months

Result: Pass TOPIK I level 2

Goal of this stage – Build a solid foundation in beginners grammar first and foremost.

  • Don’t bother about expanding your vocabulary or perfecting your listening yet. Focus on the grammar first. I explain why this is important in this post.
  • The below gives a glimpse into some of the grammar concepts (non-exhaustive) that you should cover as a beginner, arranged roughly with items to be learnt first at the top in each category. You should still stick to the flow of the course material you have chosen but you may skip anything that focus too much on vocabulary or situational phrases (e.g. self-introduction, ordering in a restaurant).
  • Don’t feel frustrated about the fact that you are still not able to understand even one word of what people are saying in Korean dramas or variety shows, even with Korean subtitles. It is perfectly okay if you are not able to hold a conversation with a Korean at this stage.

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Key Grammar Points to Master

Basic concepts
Verb conjugations
  • Time tenses
  • Be -이에요/이예요/-ㅂ니다
  • There is / isn’t -있다/없다
  • Negative sentences -안 / 못 / 아니다
  • Try to -아/어 보다
  • Can / cannot (ability) -ㄹ 수 있다 / -ㄹ 수 없다
  • Must -아/어야 되다
  • Can (permission) -아/어도 되다
  • And 고 / 그리고
  • But 지만
  • Therefore 아서/어서 /(으)니까
  • But (milder) 은데/는데
  • If (으)면
  • Purpose of action (으)러
  • Purpose of action (으)려고
  • When (으)ㄹ 때
  • While (으)면서
  • Before / After 기 전에/(으)ㄴ 후에
  • Then 그러면/ 그럼

Guide and Learning Materials

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