How to write a letter in KoreanIn order to write a letter in Korean, you must have basic knowledge in the Korean language – I thought that goes without saying. Asa beginner learner, if you follow the below advice, common phrases and examples, you should be able to put together a decent letter in Korean. In this post we will use phrases useful in a fan letter as examples.


Name – Title – 에게
동해 오빠에게
If you are younger than the addressee, use the below title

When a… Girl Guy
Addresses an older girl 언니 (eon ni) 누나 (nu na)
Addresses an older guy 오빠 (oppa) 형 (hyeong)

If you are older than the addressee, you can still use those titles, or use the title 씨.
동해 씨에게

One common misunderstanding Is that if you are older than the addressee, then you can straightaway use the casual form of Korean, I.e. opens with 동해야. This is considered very rude for someone you have never met before. In addition, in Korean apart from age, social status and position in a company are also considerations in determining the politeness level. After all, you are writing to a world-class celebrity, so using the casual form of Korean definitely sounds at best weird, at worst rude.



Self introduction

You can pick and mix from the below examples replacing the content in brackets as appropriate.
저는 (마리아)라고 합니다.
My name is Maria.
저는 (미국)에서 살고 있는 (Ann)예요.
I am (Ann) and I live in (the US).
저는 (오빠) (필리핀) 팬이에요.
I am (oppa)’s fan from (Philippines).
저는 (영국)에 사는 (20)살 팬이에요.
I am (20) years old and am your fan in the (UK).



(첫 솔로 앨범 발매)를 축하 드려요.
Congratulations on your (first solo album)!

(음원차트 1위) 축하 드려요.
Congratulations on (ranking number 1 on the music chart).

새로운 드라마 나온 걸 축하 드려요.
Congratulations on your new drama.

Expressing interest

저는 오빠 (노래)가 다 좋아요.
I like all of (oppa)’s (songs).

오빠 이번 (드라마)를 재밌게 보고 있어요
I enjoy watching oppa’s recent (drama).

다음 (음원)을 기대할게요.
Look forward to your next (music release).

(팬 미팅/콘서트)에서 만날 생각에 너무 설레요.
I am very excited about meeting you in the (fan meeting/ concert).

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Expressing gratitude

(좋은 음악 들려) 주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank you for letting me hear good music.

(서울)에서 팬 미팅을 열어주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank you for holding a fan meeting in (Seoul).

팬들을 사랑하고 배려해주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank you for loving and showing consideration to your fans.

바쁘시겠지만 팬들과 소통을 위해 노력해주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank you for making an effort to communicate with your fans despite being busy.

Showing support

항상 오빠를 사랑하고 응원할게요.
I will always love you and support you.

오빠 저에게 언제나 최고의 (가수)예요.
You are always the best (singer) to me.

새로운 (앨범/영화) 잘 되길 바랍니다.
Hope your new (album/movie) will be a success.


늘 건강하세요!
Take care!

좋은 하루 되세요!
Have a good day!

I love you!


(지수) 올림
From (Jisoo)

Sample complete letter with the above elements below:

동해 오빠에게

저는 마리아라고 합니다. 오빠 미국에 사는 25살 팬이에요.
오빠 새로운 드라마 나온 걸 축하드려요. 제가 재밌게 보고 있어요. 항상 좋은 연기를 보여 주셔서 감사합니다.
오빠 다음 작품도 기대할게요.
늘 건강하세요!

지수 올림

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