Learning Korean with Running Man

Learn some of the Korean words that always appear in Running Man so you know it next time your favorite Running Man member says it!

Name of the members

이광수 (i gwang soo)
유재석 (yu jae seok)
지석진 (chi seok jin)
하하 (ha ha)
송지효 (song ji hyo)
김종국 (kim jong kuk)
전소민 (cheon so min)
양세찬 (yang se chan)


Hello – 안녕하세요 (an nyeong ha se ‘yo)
안녕하십니까? (an nyeong ha sim ni ‘gga?)
Goodbye – 안녕히계세요 (an nyeong hi gye se ‘yo)
Everyone – 여러분 (‘yeo reo bun)

Addressing each other

When a… Girl Guy
Addresses an older girl 언니 (‘eon ni) 누나 (‘nu na)
Addresses an older guy 오빠 (o ‘ppa) 형 (hyeong)

Short answers

Yes – 네 (ne)
No – 아니 (‘a ni)
There is – 있어 (‘it seo)
There isn’t – 없어 (‘eop seo)

Feelings towards something

I like it – 좋아 (‘cho a)
I hate it – 싫어 (‘sil leo)
It’s ok – 괜찮아 (gwaen ‘chan na)

Question words

Why – 왜 (wae)
What – 뭐 (mwo)
Who – 누구 (nu ‘gu) / 누가 (nu ‘ga)
Where – 어디 (eo ‘di)
When – 언제 (eon ‘je)
How – 어떡해 (eo ‘ddeok kke)

Other expressions

Really / Very much – 진짜 (jin jja)
Many – 많아 (‘man na)
Thank you – 고마워 (go ‘ma wo)
Sorry – 미안 (mi ‘an)


Game – 게임 (‘ke im)
Team – 팀 (tim)
Mission – 미션 (‘mi syeon)
Member – 멤버 (‘mem beo)
Rule – 룰 (rul)
Hint – 힌트 (‘hin teu)
Round – 라운드 (‘ra un deu)
Out (Eliminated) – 아웃 (‘a ut)


First place – 1등 (‘il deug)
Last place – 꼴찌 (‘ggol jji)
Win – 우승 (‘u seug)
Presents – 상품 (‘sang pum)
Punishment – 벌칙 (‘beol chik)
Break the rules – 반칙 (‘ban chik)

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