Korean Pronouns PDF worksheet set 언제, 언젠가, 언제나


2 worksheets to drill on your Korean pronouns and question words such as 언제, 언젠가, 언제나!

4 pages of full color content.

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2 Worksheets with full answer key:

📌Pronouns – 언젠가, 뭔가, 어딘가, 누군가, 언제나, 아무거나, 어디나, 누구나, 아무도
📌Question words – 어디, 뭐, 몇, 언제, 누구, 누가, 어떤, 무슨, 어느, 어떻게, 왜, 얼마, 얼마나
Each worksheet contains 1 page question and 1 page answer key

Full color printable PDF format.

4 pages of content.

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