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How to self study Korean systematically – step-by-step guide from absolute beginner to advanced level (TOPIK level 6) in two years.


The times have changed - only a decade ago there was just no way to properly learn a language without taking an in-person language course. Now there are more language learning resources online than one can ever cover in one’s lifetime.

Having said that, learning a language effectively should be a structured step-by-step process, accessing the appropriate resource at the right phase and making the best use of these resources. It is easy to get lost in the sea of resources available on the Internet or hit a bottleneck because you don’t know what to do or where to find resources appropriate for your level.

I have self studied my way from an absolute beginner all the way to advanced level (TOPIK level 6) in two years.

This complete step-by-step guide will be everything you need to do just that, and making it a fun and rewarding process.

Self Study / Taking Class

There are decent Korean language courses where I live. Why did I decide to self study Korean?

Pros & Cons

Self-study Korean to Advanced level?

How long does it take to learn Korean? How difficult is it?

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Self-Study Step-by-step Guide

This site will take you through the whole Korean learning journey from absolute beginner to advanced level.

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Complete Self-Study System Roadmap

This site will provide you with a structure and a plan for the whole Korean learning journey from absolute beginner to advanced level. The whole process will take two years or more if you study part time.

The Korean Alphabet 한글

Duration: 1 month

Result: Able to pronounce Korean words

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Beginner Grammar
(TOPIK I level 1 & 2)

Duration: 6 months
Result: Pass TOPIK I level 2

Intermediate Grammar
(TOPIK II level 3 & 4)

Duration: 6 months or more
Result: Able to have basic conversations in Korean and read children’s books

Advanced Grammar
(TOPIK II level 5 & 6)

Duration: 1 year or more
Result: pass TOPIK II level 6
Able to navigate any Korean websites
Read books written for native Koreans
Understand 70% of Korean drama and variety shows


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